"Pets of Favourite Heroes"
for children and teenagers 4 - 17 years old

submission is closed
This was the most difficult job for the jury members. As they said to us, all artworks are brilliant and deserve the highest awards. That's why you will find all the illustrations at our online gallery.
And 15 mini printers go to:
Lev Leykin, 5 y.o.
Alisa Terentyeva, 6 y.o.
Demid Pushkin, 6 y.o.
Davyd Pikalov, 9 y.o.
Manaal Abdul Rasool, 9 y.o.
Ilya Krylov, 9 y.o.
Naima Khorinova, 10 y.o.
Friederica Frishberg, 11 y.o.
Nicole Salduzi, 12 y.o.
Sophie Bekmurzaeva, 13 y.o.
Anissya Fabre, 14 y.o.
Maria Prokasheva, 15 y.o.
Margarita Bagina, 16 y.o.
Sophie Glotov, 16 y.o.
Evgeniya Logvinova, 16 y.o.
Draw imaginary pet of your favourite hero
and become the star of a VR-exhibition in the Metaverse
and the

Middle East Film & Comic Con

festival in Abu Dhabi!
We invite young creators and teenage illustrators from all over the world to pick up their magic brushes, pencils and markers!

Unleash your superpowers in an exciting illustration exhibition!
All works will be presented at the international VR exhibition in the Dexart Metaverse and will have a chance to shine at the legendary

Middle East Film & Comic Con

festival in Abu Dhabi!

About exhibition in 3 minutes
Conditions of the Exhibition
  • Submission dates:

    Works should be submitted till January, 15 2024

  • Materials:

    Pencils, felt-tip pens, markers, paints.

    The drawing must be drawn by hand

  • Format:
    A3 (high resolution scan 300 dpi, minimum 10 MB,
    file format: png, jpeg, pdf)
  • Age categories:

    Age of participants: 4-17 years

    5 age categories:

    4-6 years old, 7 - 9 years old, 10 - 12 years old, 13 - 15 years old, 16 - 17 years old

  • Payment:

    20 US Dollars for the exhibition organisation service

Rewards and prizes are already waiting for the heroes!
They inspire and will help you shine even brighter!
Participation in a VR exhibition in the Metaverse
All works will be exhibited at online exhibition in Dexart Metaverse, which all participants of the exhibition, their friends and family will be able to visit from anywhere in the world! The opening and showcase will be held at

Middle East Film & Comic Con
International diploma for all participants
Participation in an international exhibition is very honorable!
This will help you not only to be proud of yourself, but also help you get into a prestigious university!
Mini printer for creative stickers
15 best artworks, chosen by the judges, will receive cool mini printers with extra stickers and paper!
It will definitely take your creativity to the next level!
Are you ready to reveal your talent to two universes?
We will help you!
Register your work
until January, 15th
Make 20 $ contribution
On January, 24th we will announce the selected artworks by judges

Shine at the VR exhibition from February 9 to 11 on

Middle East Film & ComicCon
Become a participant in the international VR exhibition!
Submit your artwork before the 15th of January, 2024
and give the whole world the chance to admire your superhero talent!

Payment of 20 US Dollars for the exhibition organisation service is required to participate in the exhibition.
Opening and showcase of VR exhibition
will take place at

Middle East Film & Comic Con

in Abu Dhabi!
Middle East Film & Comic Con
Firstly, it is the international and most famous festival dedicated to popular culture, science fiction, cinema, comics, and anime. This is an amazing place where adults can become children again, and children can cosplay their favorite characters. Where you can have fun with the whole family playing board and video games, but that's not all...
Star artists at festival
Everyone knows that movie stars come to festival, but few people know that real star artists come here!
Last year, you could personally meet the illustrator of Frozen, the art director of The Little Mermaid, or ask a question to the artists who personally worked with Walt Disney! And also the editor of the GHIBLI studio and the creator of the world famous Miyazaki animation “My Neighbor Totoro” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”!
Become a participant in the international VR exhibition!
Submit your artwork before the 15th of January, 2024
and give the whole world the chance to admire your superhero talent!

Payment of 20 US Dollars for the exhibition organisation service is required to participate in the exhibition.
Exhibition organiser
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Open MetaKids is our next step towards a world where creativity knows no boundaries. With us, everyone finds their own path to the stars, be it in art, sports, gaming or music. Your children will be part of something great!
World Art Dubai Competition - 2023 (Open MetaKids - "PlayArt" LLC)
Open MetaKids club projects -
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    Bridge to a dream

    Through our projects, many participants take the first steps towards their dreams; they help to reveal not only talents, but self-confidence
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    Career and Education Foundation
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  • -3-
    We erase the boundaries between worlds
    The exhibition will open doors to various corners of culture!
    Join the large community of creative and enthusiastic children from all over the world!

Judges of the competition
The judges selected additional best three entries in each age category based on creativity of the idea, technical skills and compliance with the theme.
Dmitriy Ligai
Commercial illustrator since 2006.
Collaboration with illustration agencies: Bang!Bang!Studio (Moscow), Debut Art (London).

Clients include: BBDO, Billboard magazine, CEO magazine, Conde Nast, Devour the Day, Esquire magazine, Goethe-Institut, GQ magazine, Harvard Business Review magazine, KLOOP, Leo Burnett, Megafon, Men's Health magazine, Nokia, Prime Russian Magazine, ProСпорт magazine, Renault, Robb Report, Rolling Stone magazine, Strelka Institute, Sons and Partners, WWF, The Village, MIF, Sberbank, Snob magazine, Yandex.

Publications in numerous print outlets, as well as participation in international exhibitions and galleries.
Yulia Drobova
Graphic artist, illustrator, and teacher.
Currently living and working in Berlin.

Three-time winner of the illustrators' exhibition at the Bologna Book Fair in 2021, 2022, and 2023.
Finalist in the Golden Pinwheel'21 and Unpublished Picture Book Showcase'22 illustration contests.
Created illustrations for the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper, Illustoria children's magazine, and works in the field of book and magazine graphics and commercial illustration, animation. T
eaches and develops online courses in drawing and illustration at 'Simple School,' and conducts workshops for children and adults (Tashkent, Bologna, Berlin)
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